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a Schools Inclusivity Climate survey

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How inclusive is your school?

This is an anonymous survey to gauge the diversity climate in Irish schools.
Dublin City University will collect and analyse the data in order to identify the factors which can improve the lives of Irish secondary students.


Thank you for participating in this survey about your school experiences. This survey was designed by researchers in DCU to help us assess the school climate around students who are from different backgrounds. It was also designed to help teachers to make Irish schools safer places for all students.

This is an anonymous survey, meaning that we do not ask for your name and no one will ever be able to match your answers to your identity. The data will be used by the DCU researchers to assess the equality / inclusivity climate in schools throughout Ireland, and it will be used by teachers to see where improvements are needed. No schools or students will ever be identified in any published findings. The data that each school receives is anonymous and will not be shared with any other schools or third parties.

We ask that you complete the survey in one sitting. Please do not navigate away from the page as your answers will be lost and you will have to complete the survey again.

As the survey is anonymous, we hope that you will be comfortable being completely honest when answering these questions. If you want to talk to someone about anything as a result of doing this survey, please make contact with your school counselor or year head.

I have read and understood the above information. By clicking the 'Take Survey' link, I consent to take part in this research project.

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This tool allows teachers in all post-primary schools in Ireland to administer a survey to your students, giving you feedback on your school’s equality / inclusivity climate. This is based on the extent to which your students experience belonging, inclusion and equality or discomfort, exclusion and inequality along lines of ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, social class, physical appearance and (dis)ability.

We recommend that each cohort of students take the survey at the same time, in a computer lab or on their smartphones, under the teacher’s supervision. It should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

Privacy and anonymity are vital - please ensure that students do not communicate when completing the survey and cannot see each other’s screens.

Upon submission of all surveys, you will be able to access a report, indicating how your students feel about the school’s equality / inclusivity climate.

If you have any problems, please contact debbie.ging@dcu.ie or mark.roantree@dcu.ie

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